How to add the same file in multiple folders in Google Drive without copying?

As we know, Gmail tends to works in and around the labels, and one email message can be categorised under one or more labels. Now, when we talk about the Google drive, it has folders or files instead labels. These folders can have a single “parent folder” as well.

For instance, you uploaded the marketing presentation in Folder Y then it cannot be at the same time found in folder Z, right?

I am sure that you do not know that G-Drive lets you save one file to one and many folders without creating the copies of them. It makes quite easy to keep your Google Drive organised. Moreover, as soon as you save any changes in the file it will automatically reflect within all the folders containing the same doc.

4 Easy Steps to add a file in multiple folders in Google Drive

Take a look at following guidelines that help you to keep a file in multiple folders of Google Drive without creating the copies of them.

Step 1 – Open the Google Drive in your browser.

Step 2 – Use the Command Key on Mac or Control key in Windows to select the folders or files.

Step 3 – Now, as soon as you press the Shift + Z keys, a pop-up will appear asking “add to folder”.

Step 4- Select the folder where you want to add the folder and click on “OK” tab.

This is it! You neither moved the files nor copied them to destination folders. You just created the “references” of files in other folders of Google Drive.

You can use the similar command “Shift + Z” to add files to other folders inside the drive.

At some instances, this feature comes as the benefit. For example, you have a pictures holders in your Google Drive. Now, you want some those pictures to be shifted in another folder inside the same drive. You will only use the Shift + Z command to put those pictures in another folder.

You are not needed to make copies of the file.

Warning – if you remove the file from the parent folder then it will be deleted from other folders too.

Can I add the files to multiple folders with the code?

Yes, you can provide you know the Google scrips. With the help of the Google scripts and Drive API, you can quickly place a folder or file into multiple folders.

How to remove the files from multiple folders?

Understand this with the help of an example.

You have original file in Folder Y, but its reference files are also placed in Folder Z. Now, when you delete the Folder Y, then the reference files from other folders will also be removed automatically. Hence, you must move the original file to another folder before deleting the primary folder of the file.

In G-drive choose the files stored in the multiple folders and open the activity side bar. Here, you can review all the folders containing the same file. Now, all you required to do is click on the “x” symbol to remove the file from any given folder.

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